Scrapped UV cars

Nobody should bother finding the UV cars listed below, anywhere on the Budapest system. Most of them have been sold as scrap, torn apart and burnt ... some cars found their way to the scrap heap via some interesting routes and if anybody knows of such happenings please tell me.

3700-3701 set, have apparently been passed to the Transport Museum in Szentendre.

3289, which was scrapped on 12th December 1996, was taken from Száva Depot to Várpalota Scrap yard on 25th April 1996. The car was sold to a dealer for 400 000 HUF (about ?1100) with all workings intact - therefore sold as a working car.

Some cars still remain in various depots, so maybe not...

UV prototype:

UV 1:

UV 2:

UV 3:

UV 5:

UV Trailers:

With tyhe trailers, it is probably more worthwhile listing those still in existence, otherwise this would be a very long list.

UV Trailers still in existence:

Requiescat in pace.