Analysis of tram route 67
Report on the costs of replacing unsafe track
between Thököly út and Mexikói út

The dangers to safety and the method and cost of repair are as follows:

1. The Mexikói út track, that runs alongside the street is 42 years old. Whilst in service, the condition of the concrete sleepers degraded to such an extentthat, without completely replacing them, they will be unable to cope with tram traffic. The track guage, in some instances, reaches 1455mm as the railscrews are not holding the track, the washers and flanges have corroded away causing a danger of buckling, or even derailment. The cost of the necessary repairs to this track comes to 33million HUF.

2. The Mexikói út track, that runs alongside the railway embankment has been worn away to such an extent that total replacement is necessary, this includes:

has to be done at a cost of 18million HUF.

3. On Thököly út, between Stefánia út and Hermina út on a 760m stretch, the street-running superstructure has sunk and worn away to such an extent, that the tracks must be replaced with 'glued sections', while 50% of the street covering needs replacing. Total cost 60million HUF.

4. At the junction of Thököly út and Hungária körút, the points installed with the introduction of tram route 1 have fallen apart, though temporary repairs have taken place so as not to affect the operation of route 1. The replacement of the group of 4 points will cost 12million HUF.

Altogether, the total cost for immediate repair of the above trackwork comes to 123million HUF (about ?350 000).

Budapest, May 1997

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